Precisely focused on Tardive Dyskinesia (TD).

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Drug Mart is a limited distribution network pharmacy approved to fill your Ingrezza prescription. Call us at (800) 877-0337 today to start the process.

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INGREZZA Specialty Pharmacy

We help patients who are prescribed Ingrezza.

$0 copay
You may be eligible for a $0 copay on your Ingrezza prescription. Ask the pharmacist about details.
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Financial help
We find assistance programs to help pay for your Ingrezza prescription. Most patients pay less than $10.
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Prompt and secure delivery of prescriptions to your home or office in our service areas. NJ, NY, & PA.
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Rapid prior authorizations
We help your doctor's office file paperwork to get your medicine approved quickly.
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24/7 access
Our pharmacists are available 24/7 to answer your questions.
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Questions about Ingrezza
Call and speak to our pharmacist to learn more about Ingrezza capsules.

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We Coordinate
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You may be wondering

Is Ingrezza limited distribution?

Yes. Ingrezza is a specialty medication used for the treatment of Tardive Dyskinesia. Due to it's specialty status, Drug Mart is one of only a handful of pharmacies authorized to dispense Ingrezza (valbenazine).

How do I order Ingrezza from Drug Mart?

1. Click on Get Started and complete your profile.

2. We must receive a prescription from your doctor via e-prescription or fax.

How quickly does Ingrezza take to work?

You may start to see results as early as 2 weeks. Clinical studies showed that the medication remained effective in treating TD for at least 48 weeks. At 48 weeks, people reported a 39% decrease in their TD symptoms.